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 .  November 1, 2017 by Anna Williams
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Welcome to the Vision Earth Channel

The Vision Earth Channel is a virtual oasis for all things vegan, health, wellness and conservation related.
Our mission is to change the world one bite at a time! Eating plants can transform one's health and wellness, in addition to the health and wellness of the planet. Amazingly making a choice that is so life-changing for us also saves the lives of countless beautiful animals and drastically reduces the environmental stresses that factory farming puts on our planet.

Our content shines a bright light on the growing global vegan community (break out your shades). We spend time with chefs, wellness experts and phytophiles alike. We love telling their life-changing stories of transformation, healing and growth to inform and inspire! The more you know the more you grow! doesn't endorse this Youtube channel or the owner of this channel.
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